Nutrition Coaching

By Nutrition Made Simple, LLC.

Nutrition is the study of foods, their nutrients, other chemical components, their actions and interactions in the body, and their influences on health and disease. Many common health problems are routed in nutrition as expressed through poorly-designed diets.

Our goal at Iron Edge is to debunk the flawed and incomplete nutrition information that you receive through various forms of media and to reorganize your understanding of nutrition. A good nutrition plan must meet four important criteria:

  • Good nutrition properly controls energy balance.
  • Good nutrition provides nutrient density.
  • Good nutrition achieves health, body composition, and performance goals.
  • Good nutrition is honest and outcome-based.

Iron Edge’s Nutrition Coaching programs will educate you on each of these criteria and provide daily habits and strategies to help you achieve YOUR long-term health and wellness goals. We know that everyone’s goals are different. So whether you want to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, increase your energy levels, improve sport performance, or just learn how to create healthier meals for your family, we can help.

We also know that one format does not-fit-all. So we offer our Nutrition Coaching in a group setting, as one-on-one, private appointments, in-person and online. Let us customize a program that works for YOU!

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