Nutrition Coaching:

GROUP Training

4 – Week, Online Discussion Group

Nutrition Coaching: GROUP 4-Week, Online Discussion Group

(minimum of 3 / maximum of 6)

Our 4-Week Nutrition Coaching Program is an online, GROUP program that reorganizes your understanding of nutrition! It is designed to teach you the basics of nutrition and how to eat right to look, feel and perform better.

The group will meet once per week for 60 minutes via Zoom. Each week will cover a new topic as follows: 


Why it’s important to include ALL food TYPES on your plate including proteins, carbohydrates AND healthy fats (e.g. macronutrients). Once you learn HOW to categorize foods based on their nutrient value, you’ll be able to make better choices for your individual goals.


How to determine HOW MUCH of each macronutrient you should be eating for YOUR goals. Everyone knows that eating healthy foods is a big part of a good nutrition plan. However, you still have to eat the right AMOUNT of healthy foods to achieve overall health. Overeating healthy foods will lead to weight gain just as quickly as overeating unhealthy foods. PORTION-SIZE matters!

WEEK 3: MEAL PREP Strategies

How to construct a list of foods, within each food TYPE, that YOU will enjoy and how to prepare those foods so they’re available to you on a daily basis. You shouldn’t have to eat foods that you don’t like. Eating a variety of foods not only offers a broad spectrum of nutrient value, it also helps to prevent boredom with food. The best nutrition plan for you is the one that you can SUSTAIN over the long-term.

WEEK 4: Introduction to MEAL FREQUENCY

How OFTEN you eat is an individual decision. Advertisements and marketing gurus will have you believing that there is an optimal frequency for eating. However, for most people, it’s the number of calories at the end of the day that matter more than when those calories are being eaten. Learn how to construct a meal frequency template that works best for YOU based on your lifestyle.

We know that everyone’s goals are different. So, whether you want to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, increase your energy levels, improve sport performance, or just learn how to create healthier meals for your family, we can help.


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